Why you need to create Your Agile Way of Working: Your AWoW

In the State of Agile annual report of 2020,  the vast majority of respondents (84%) said their organizations were below a high level of competency with Agile practices. The top five responses cited as challenges to adopting and scaling Agile practices indicate that resistance to change, participation and a knowledge gap remain obstacles for success in many organizations. 

LEAT addresses these scaling and adoption issues by helping you to develop your own way of agile working.


“Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will learn.”

By involving management, people and Agile experts from the start in developing and testing your Agile way of working we see a dramatic decline in the resistance to change within organisations. As a matter of fact, when using LEAT the change is often not experienced as such, it is rather perceived as management finally listening and working together with the people to solve their problems. In our highly structured and efficient step by step iterative approach, we have a way to introduce or reintroduce Agile, from the most by the book implementation of SAFe to the development of your own tailor-made Agile way of working: Your AWoW.

We have often seen that a copy-paste implementation of existing Agile frameworks does not lead to the results people are looking for. We highly recommend using LEAT to adapt the frameworks according to your organization’s needs and circumstances. Experience tremendous performance increases by not just implementing fixed processes and ways of working but really learn experiential how to implement your own Agile Transfromation  

Take Agile building blocks from several frameworks and methodologies to design and test your Agile way of working using the LEAT inspect and adapt cycle. Or start with an existing framework and test it out in simulations with your people before the real implementation. 

We guarantee you a better result then jumping off the deep end and test your Agile transformation for the first time in production.

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