The LEAT® PDCA Cycle: The BERA loop

Learn to design: Build

We will not just play but we will also learn how to build your own purposeful exercises. Create a tailor-made exercise to address a specific issue that your organisation is struggling with. Learn how to design, test and reflect together to come to the best possible Serious Play-based event for you.

Learn to Play: Experience

After we have built our exercise our LEAT® journey continues with play preparing our mind and hands for the learning that’s about to unfold. Learning and getting to know each other and ourselves.

Learn to Talk: Reflect

We will experience how fluent yet on-point conversation materialises when using LEGO®. Literally, bring stories to life with colourful metaphors and play. New insights, feedback and natural collaboration result in next-level solutions. 

Learn to Learn: Abstract

Finally, we will close the LEAT BERA-loop with the LEAT® differentiator. With different abstraction methods to learn from our experiences. Learning how to embed, follow up and extend the achieved learnings. How to assess, measure and communicate safely on the progress within your organisation.


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