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Martijn Oost

LEAT original
From Amsterdammer to world conqueror Martijn grew up in Amsterdam and travelled halfway around the world before settling down in Grimbergen, Belgium. He knows what is going on in organizations that are transforming. All his life he has involved, engaged and inspired people to reach great results together. As a boy in a family of construction entrepreneurs, he grew up in an environment to explore and build. Martijn was used to taking responsibility and has seen how to delegate work, but also to adapt and be agile. Now, as a LEAT developer, he is involved with global players shaping their transformation. With enthusiasm and an infectious motivation, he always knows how to share a practical example that inspires, larded with many anecdotes, to clarify complex matters in a compelling way for all layers in the organization. Martijn does not care whether you are the CEO or a starting Scrum Master, he addresses you in your context but with the same intensity and commitment. Martijn has proven this in his long agile and Lean career. Teaching agile and Scrum at Nyenrode whilst at the same time working with multinational Lean transformations in organizations like Toyota. 
He believes we build together in agile and every organization needs to develop its own Agile Way of Working. As every company has its own culture and context.

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