LEAT® Bricks: Toolkit of Experiential modular building blocks

LEAT® started out as a framework to introduce Agile and Agile at Scale. But soon we realized that LEAT® is also very suitable to learn other complex topics.

LEAT® Modules are building blocks to introduce new concept, principles, frameworks or paradigm shift in a more effective and efficient way than ever before. Complex mindset shifts and change experiences are introduced, experienced, reflected upon and internalise with a session of 50 minutes

The Cynefin Brick

Cynefin was introduced 20 years ago and is a very powerful framework to make sense of complexity. But unlike Scrum, it has not enjoyed the same popularity. We believe this is partially due to the fact that Cynefin is not as accessible and easy to understand. We have personally struggled to introduce the principles and practises related to Cynefin in organisations in the past. The LEAT® Cynefin module makes it now possible to experience Cynefin and make the principles far easier to introduce and comprehend the ever before.

The Scrum Brick

Our classic basic success story, given so many times that we have lost count. Experience the entire Scrum framework in 50 minutes. Refine, Planning, Daily, Review and Retro. Roles and Artefacts. DoD and DoR. Triggering the right insights and Questions. Fun and energizing. Scalable up to 100 people at once in Scrum teams of 5 to 7 with just one facilitator. We even planned a session for 500 people but Covid put a stop to that. The most efficient and effective time people will have spent in a LEAT® workshop so far without even knowing it.

The Lean Mini Bricks

Lean is at the heart of Agile yet the basic principles are often not understood and hard to explain. With these 7 combinable LEAT® Lean mini bricks your participants will experience the Lean basic concept like never before.

  • Eliminate waste
  • Amplify learning
  • Decide as late as possible
  • Deliver as fast as possible
  • Empower the team
  • Build integrity in
  • Optimize the whole

The JTBD Brick

Another powerful yet underused theory is Jobs to Be Done as introduced in the book Competing against luck by Clayton Christensen. Providing an alternative for persona and trial and error based innovation, it is a true answer to the eternal question of what is Value. Experience the JTBD timeline, the forces diagram and Job-based strategy through LEGO® and SERIOUS PLAY® making this game-changer framework immediately actionable.

The S-Curve Brick and Wardley mapping

The Scaling Bricks

The Biases and Heuristics Brick

The Design Thinking Bricks

The Paradigm shift mini Bricks

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