Free LEAT® Mini Experience

Find out why change gets stuck in organizations where people are told to "just do it" in this 90 minutes amazing LEGO® experience
LEAT® in action

We present a radical new way of learning complex skills for groups in minimal time using simulation, gamification with LEGO®. Experience the essential basic elements that you can directly use for change in modern agile organizations. We believe that experiential learning is the fastest way to internalize knowledge. Knowledge of working theories and an infinite quantity of practices that are now more in demand the ever. 

In this workshop, we introduce you to a simulation where LEGO® Robots perform missions and interact with other LEGO® constructions that are being built from scratch. A truly daunting task for most, just like a transformation, and an experience of a lifetime once completed together. During the workshop, we will highlight several elements from our LEAT framework simulating and participating in typical agile scaling events. Try to solve complex problems together, overcoming miss-alignment, finding out how to create flow and collaborating to amazing results. Find out how we also created the most extreme left-shift we have ever seen. By testing the entire way of working in several iterations before it was implemented. Invite us to enjoy the playing and learning experience and get your own FREE set of LEGO® bricks. We are eager to discuss with you and take your feedback on how LEAT could be valuable in your organisation.

  • 10 min Welcome and Intro LEAT by M2
  • 15 min SERIOUS PLAY® LEGO®
  • 40 min Scrum and Fun with LEGO®
  • 25 min Experience scaled Agile with LEGO MINDSTORM® EV3
With Q&A on the LEAT® mechanics throughout the interactive session

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