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Want better tools to get teams to great results? Want fresh ideas to get your stalled Agile transformation moving or try Agile out before deciding?

We know your time is precious and transformation comes with huge risks. To guarantee a good fit we offer you the chance to try LEAT out before you buy. One intensive session of experiential LEAT principles and practices. You will learn how you could design and host your own experiential events and training. Accelerate learning with a toolkit of transformative learning experiences, new techniques, tactics and strategies. Experience how LEAT can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your coaching events, resulting in satisfied clients and true progress in your Agile transformation. And all this with tremendous engagement and lots of fun. Hard to believe? Try us!

Experience LEAT®

Try before you buy

10 - 25 participants
FREE* *Only cost of bricks and materials
  • The full experience of the potential of LEAT®
  • Your own LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® set
  • Learn how to design your own tailor-made LEAT® elements
  • LEAT® Community Membership


  • Experience LEAT® as a full Agile WoW at scale framework in one session
  • New techniques to increase creativity and engage Agile teams
  • New practices that have a lasting effect on people’s mindset and behaviours
  • Learn basic principles of LEAT® to host your own experiential events
  • Learn basic principles of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for effective tactile learning
  • A strategic framework to pace and tune your transformation
  • Pre-work for a longer session saves you 6 hours of pre-work
I've had the great pleasure of working with both Martijns on several projects and found them to be exceedingly talented and highly engaging. They bring to bear a strong and varied skill set with a true desire to help their clients. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they always deliver a superb product, true professionals.
Lory Mothersbaugh
Agile Coach

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