Successful Agile Transformations with LEGO® and SERIOUS PLAY®

Stop on-size-fits-all agile transformation

If 80% of transformations are not successful, why do we insist on using the same textbook transformation approaches? We believe we have found a radically better way. We use LEGO simulations to teach and experience Agile frameworks before implementing them. With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) we achieve real transformative moments by tapping into the hidden expertise of an organisation, converting insight and awareness into shared principles and goals. All this while playing and having fun. LEGO ensures fully engaged participants and makes learning feel very natural.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"

What makes LEAT so successful?

  • LEGO Simulation: Immersive experiential learning; the fastest way to adopt new paradigms, behaviours and practices.
  • LEGO SERIOUS PLAY – a proven technique to solve complex problems, increase engagement and stimulate creativity. 
  • LEAT PDSA cycle: Build – Experience – Reflect – Adapt.  A proven framework to create transformative learning experiences.

Accelerate your Transformational journey with multiple quarters

LEAT your Transformation to succes

Free mini experience

Experience is our cornerstone, so experience it yourself. We will bring the LEGO®, the Robot, the LEAT table, the Kanbans and more, to a venue of your choice. So you can try out the LEAT experience firsthand. Be warned, this talk includes the walk. To reward your active participation, free LEGO giveaways for all. 

LEAT Facilitator training

Bring management and teams together to test and learn Agile using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® method. Facilitate the experience, inspect what goes wrong and fix it together, to help people at all levels adapt to new behaviours and practices. Design your own workshops tailor made for your organisation and your context.

Get your leadership team on board

Experience different Agile frameworks and methodologies together, to choose a best-fit Agile solution for your organisation. This 3-day event creates an extensive knowledge base that will form a lasting common reference needed for every leadership team in uncertain transformational times. Resulting in a shared commitment to a successful transformation.

What others are saying about LEAT

“The LEGO City simulation, was a great, great training session, putting agile at scale and way of thinking/collaborating into real practice. Out of all the agile training I’ve had so far, this is by far the most tangible way to do it.”  Product Owner 
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