Come LEAT® with us in the easy accessible lovely town of Oosterbeek in for 4 days of intensive learning and fun

The training will start at 09:00. We finish the intensive days around 17:00.
Join us to LEAT your way to your next successful transformation on the borders of the Rijn river.
Included are: all materials, presentations, documentation, syllabus, coffee, tea, water and lunches and 1 dinner. 
The session will be pact with LEAT goodies from our toolbox with new ways to bring management and teams together. 
Learn in 4 fun filled days how to enable your teams and organisation to experience the new way of working – and the challenges it brings before implementing it. Now your people can solve potential issues together in safe simulations, rather than under pressure on the work floor. The ideal way to help people across the board adopt new behaviours and practices.
To make this training even more realistic and hands-on, we invite you to bring your own content and work on a dedicated challenge and workshop towards your own LEAT program. Feedback from the trainers and your peers will take your workshops to the next level.

Monday 07-11-2022 - Thursday 10-11-2022

All Inclusive Event

Four intensive days of LEAT

Four Day Play Oosterbeek

10 - 25 participants
1950 Early Bird!
  • The full experience of the potential of LEAT®
  • Your own LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® set
  • Learn how to design your own tailor-made LEAT® elements
  • LEAT® Community Membership


  • Experience a full Agile WoW at scale framework in 4 cycles over 4 days
  • New techniques to increase creativity and engage Agile teams
  • New practices to change people’s mindset and behaviours
  • Learn the principles of LEAT to facilitate this experience in your organisation
  • Learn the principles of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for effective tactile learning
  • Tailor-made LEAT program with at least 6 LEGO play elements, event design and event calendar
  • Your company-branded LEGO LEAT set (Optional)
  • Lifetime corporate membership in the LEAT community
Great format! The combination of experiential LEGO®, framework, fishbowl, sharing experiences and invitation for action during and after the session. Inspiration to create our own tailor-made training.
Peter Nicolas
Agile Coach

Come LEAT® with us in Oosterbeek

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